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Once ordained, you can perform:

  • Weddings

  • Baptisms

  • Spiritual healing

  • Spiritual Counseling

  • Funerals

  • Other ceremonies

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Now you can become an Ordained Minister, Pastor, Chaplain, Evangelist, etc., today!

Universal Religious Symbols You Are About to Change Your Life

You are about to change your life. For whatever reasons you come to us today, seeking Ordination will change the way you see yourself. By gaining a legal status, you also gain a spiritual status inside yourself to help others and help yourself at the same time.

The Universal Ministries invites you to become a LEGALLY ORDAINED MINISTER, within the doctrines and rules of our Articles of Association and Establishment. Become an Ordained Minister in your beliefs or ours, no matter what your religion, if any. The Universal Ministries is an all faiths church that does not deny God's ability to touch people in many ways. Ordination is the right of legal churches to establish within the doctrines and bylaws of the church.

We will share the beliefs of many forms of enlightenment through the expansion of current and future ordination memberships. We invite Christians, as well as Baptists, Catholics, Jewish, Islamic Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Episcopalians,Quakers, Methodists, Presbyterians, Wiccans, Pagans, Bahá'í, and any others to join us in our individual search for enlightenment. Women are welcome and have the same rights as men to ordination. We willingly ordain online fully those that come to us freely in faith within the establishing documents of the church.

The Universal Ministries is nondenominational founded in the truth of accepting the rights of everyone to follow their own personal beliefs without intervention. Become a legally ordained Minister, Evangelist, Priest/ess, Pastor, Rabbi, Monk or title of your faith which encompasses all of Universal Ministries’ faiths.

The credentialing officers are fully empowered and authorized to ordain you into our Ministries. So with the spirit of your God, Jesus, Buddha, or other Deity that you worship come forth to be Ordained.
Become an ordained minister at large using the home church as your legal agency or your own church, ministry, or outreach as called in the service of faith. Universal Ministries upholds the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, and the right of the individual to legally worship as they please. Ordained Ministers of legal churches have the same authority in the laws of this nation and upholds the Federal law that provides each church with the inalienable right to establish legal clergy and to appoint legally ordained ministers within that establishment. Ordination is the right of legal churches to establish within its doctrines and bylaws and is not limited only to the opinions of some churches as to whom can be ordained. Men (and women) have the God given right to Baptize and are therefore as well of the priesthood of God according to Martin Luther's statement In 1517. Jesus said that those that accept him are of His priesthood. Buddha shared that those that become enlightened have found God. All paths share God's acceptance and Love that we may serve in faith.

WARNING NOT ALL ONLINE CHURCHES ARE CHURCHES! Click here to learn more. Many do not comply with Federal or State guidelines and regulations that allow for legal ordination. DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF TO REMAIN MISINFORMED.

Through our Statement of Faith, Articles of Association, the doctrines of this church, and our desire to share, the Universal Ministries is willing to share with everyone that wishes the benefits of our organization. As a legal, nondenominational church, we invite each of you to join the Universal Ministries and become ordained. However, if you are a true soldier of the faith, we request you check your weapons with the man behind the curtain before proceeding.

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